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UKKO Engineering

UKKO provides specialist consulting services via pulp and energy projects for plant owners and boiler manufacturers. We aim to improve the competitiveness of our clients with our specialist services. UKKO was established in 2014 from very solid international industry experience. The company’s owning MD, Janne Kolehmainen, has a wealth of technical expertise, knowledge and experience gained from multiple recovery and power boiler projects around the world. In the past couple of years, pulp and energy consulting projects have been undertaken in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Uruguay.

UKKO-GROUP is a family-owned concern. UKKO-Holding Oy is the parent company of the concern, while UKKO-Engineering Oy is daughter company of UKKO-Holding Oy and Janne-Engineering AB is daughter company of UKKO-Engineering Oy. Due to the expanding workload now with one of the largest pulp producers in Sweden, UKKO established a daughter Company (Janne-Engineering AB) in 2015. Our long-term business vision is to develop our brand as a high-quality service provider with a reputation for delivering the leading value-added specialist service package in the industry. We aim to be the first service that our customers request, repeatedly. We understand that helping our customers to achieve their business goals will ultimately enable us to succeed and grow.


UKKO’s Commitment

UKKO’s key employees have spent their careers endeavour to understand and satisfy the needs of their clients and partners, working diligently to provide a high level of professional services. To ensure that our commitment endures, we will strive to promote and pursue our values, mission and long-term vision.