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Our Story

UKKO’s story is relatively young because our business started in 2014. The Company’s CEO, Janne Kolehmainen reflects our company’s values and approaches to our business, such as entrepreneurial spirit, timeliness and high levels of quality, self-motivation, professionalism and integrity. Janne Kolehmainen’s workmanship, knowhow and experience have been accrued from a vast amount of projects both overseas and in Finland covering the entire spectrum of design, planning, erection, commissioning and maintenance.


We provide project services for pulp and energy industries and our aim is to deliver well executed projects on time to meet our customers’ high expectations in a safe and secure operating environment for both employees and customers. We are proud of our domestic origins and family businesses and believe that our customers and partners in Finland and further afield will also appreciate these traits. Our aim is to grow and expand our business  by pursuing our mission, values and vision in a way that enables our customers to achieve higher levels of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Today UKKO Engineering is part of UKKO-GROUP.




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