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UKKO’s values form the foundation of the company’s actions. UKKO maintains high standards of business and personnel ethics. Values guide UKKO’s behavior and decision making and values support UKKO’s long-term goals and strategy.

Safety and health

The nature of UKKO’s project work on site means that our employees and other workers are not only exposed to short-term and long-term health risks (e.g. from chemicals) but they also operate in situations which pose a serious risk to life and limb. UKKO therefore takes its responsibilities seriously, ensuring that our work is based on planned actions by trained professionals.

Human Rights

UKKO supports and respects international Human Rights and condemns Human Rights violations, such as child labor and discrimination. We also maintain an equal rights policy in any operations.


Our business operations are designed and planned or avoid or minimize any potential adverse effects on environment. We support sustainable development and the diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. We therefore comply with all local and national environmental laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct

we support the prevention of corruption and bribery in all forms. The legality of operations is important to us and we do not accept bribes from, nor give bribes to, anyone. We comply with all laws and regulations on bribery and corruption.

Labor Rights

We treat our employees with dignity and respect. Employees have free rights to join any lawful trade unions. Equally, we also believe that employees have rights not to be part of a labour union or for local agreements, provided that any alternatives offer above minimum wages and benefits.


Mission & Vision:


Our vision is to become the customer-oriented partner which  provides highly-specialized knowledge tailored especially for our customers. We strive for continuous renewal and endeavour to develop new technology and services for our customers’ success. We offer efficiency, functionality and solid industry expertise to improve our customers’ productivity.


Our mission is to develop our brand as a high-quality service provider with a reputation for delivering the leading value-added ‘specialist’ service package in the industry. We understand that helping our customers to achieve their business goals will ultimately enable us to succeed and grow.