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We are now part of UKKO-GROUP concern

Posted 22/4/2016

Now UKKO Engineering is the same concern with UKKO-Holding Oy and Janne-Engineering AB.

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Daughter Company in Sweden has been registered -JANNE Engineering AB

Posted 19/12/2015

To improve our services in Sweden, we have opened a daughter company in Sweden. The contact information for  'JANNE Engineering AB' are the same as for UKKO-Engineering Oy. 


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Our company name is now "UKKO-Engineering Oy"

Posted 24/10/2015

Our new company name 'UKKO-Engineering Oy' is now registered and is in use from 20th of October 2015.

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Office facilities are founded

Posted 13/12/2014

We opened our office in Kauppakatu 18, Varkaus.  We warmly welcome  our existing and new customers and partners into our new office.

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The business has started

Posted 18/11/2014

The company has started business on 1st of November 2014. The change to private entrepreneur has been interesting and I would like to thank my old colleagues for the support and  great memories from our common years working together.


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Company founded

Posted 18/10/2014

The company was founded in beginning of October 2014. The business was started on 1st of November 2014.

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